Tired of choking on giant pills? There is a simple solution

Forget crushing your pills and losing some of the active ingredients in the process – if swallowing large pills and tablets is a problem for you, talk to your doctor about compounded liquid medication.

Not many people know that compounding pharmacies can make up many popularly-prescribed medications as easy-to-swallow liquids, troches, or even smaller specific-dose tablets. To do this we don’t manipulate pills out of a box; we make the medicine up from scratch, in our purpose-built laboratory, using the same active ingredients as used by the commercial manufacturer.

As we make them up ourselves, locally, we’re able to offer an incredible level of personalisation to our medication – it’s medication made specifically for you. Don’t like the colour? We can change that. Concerned about preservatives and fillers? We can leave them out. Don’t like the aftertaste? We have dozens of flavours you can chose from – from vanilla to bubblegum.

Compounded medication is safe, government-regulated, effective and if you’re forced to swallow monster pills on a daily basis, it can make life a whole lot easier. Your long-suffering throat will thank you for making the switch.

Crushing pills is not only messy and time consuming, studies have shown that you can lose nearly a quarter of the active ingredients in a pill when you try to crush it.  That’s a 25 per cent reduction in the effectiveness of your health care plan – not an outcome any of us are looking for.

However compounding pharmacies are just like regular pharmacies – we can’t provide medication to the public without a script from a doctor or other similarly qualified medical practitioner – so if you think your daily routine would benefit from liquid medication rather than big hard pills, talk to your doctor about writing a script for compounded liquid medication.

To find out more about how compounded medication can help you, contact one of the friendly team at National Custom Compounding on 1300 731 755 or email [email protected].