Please meet our team of professionals who work with our core-values in mind.

Innovation - New Process for continual growth and improvement. Success - is measured through the effective care and treatment of our patients. Effectiveness - Improve well-being through the highest quality products and process. Caring - Delivering quality healthcare with a genuine and caring approach. Holistic - Achieving best outcomes through a non-traditional, holistic approach to patient care.

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Matthew Bellgrove – Owner & Compounding Pharmacist

Rob – Compounding & Community Pharmacist

Letitia – Community & Compounding Pharmacist

Christie – Community Pharmacist

Sue – Community Pharmacist

Natasha – Community Pharmacist (Maternity Leave)

Office Team

Rebecca – Office Team Leader

Annie – Customer Service

Brittany – Customer Service & Dispense Tech

Evan – Customer Service

Laboratory Team

Karen – Laboratory Supervisor, Sterile Compounding Technician

Sharon – Non-sterile Compounding Technician

Denis – Non-sterile Compounding Technician

Anna – Non-sterile Compounding Technician

Amcal Team

Mardi – Retail Manager

Robyn – Pharmacy Assistant

Evan – Pharmacist Assistant