A compounding pharmacy has the ability to produce a wide range of products. To assist patients in getting their medication as quickly as possible, National Custom Compounding has developed our 24 hour guarantee which aims to have commonly ordered medication for collection within 24 hours of ordering.

Some medicines are more complete and require more than 24 hours to create. Please contact us by phone 1300731755 or email and we can let you know the time require to produce your compounded medication.

One of the challenges with compounded medicine is the time required to make up each patient’s medication. As our team expands and our efficiency increases, National Custom Compounding moves toward achieving our 24-hour guarantee.

As we sell a large volume of some compounded medicines we believe that patients should be able to access them within 24 hours of contacting us.

For a list of commonly ordered medication that comes with a 24 hour guarantee contact one of our helpful staff members.