Bactroban Cream & Ointment (15 gram) Unavailable

Current at 18/4/2016

Recently the supply of Bactroban Ointment & Cream because unavailable through the normal suppliers to Community Pharmacies.

Please note that Bactroban is a Prescription only medicine.

Compounding Pharmacies can create Mupirocan 2% Cream and Ointment, which is the same active ingredient as Bactroban. The formulation for this product is similar to the Bactroban product and because the active ingredient is equivalent to Bactroban in strength, it will exert the same action to a topical infection.

If you a having difficulty finding Bactroban 2% Cream and Ointment at your local pharmacy please contact National Custom Compounding on 1300731755 or Email Us, and we can walk you through how to access the medicine via your Doctor.