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Caring, Innovative, Personally Made Medicine

Welcome to National Custom Compounding (Pharmacy)

“Caring, Innovative, Personally Made Medicine”

We continually achieve a high level of service through a patient-centric approach that ensures timely access to professional advice and quality compounded medication.

The standard approach to healthcare and medicine is to utilise mass-manufactured medication. While there have been some innovations in this area, National Custom Compounding Pharmacy has identified a growing opportunity in tailoring and customising medications for patients.

Compounding medication is exactly that; Producing one custom-made medication every time someone requires it. Our process is all about finding the best individual fit and tailoring a solution specifically.

Compounded Melatonin

*The following information is for general use only, for specific information relating to your individual situation please see your Doctor *Melatonin is a prescription only item in Australia and should…

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

At National Custom Compounding, the Quality of Compounded medicines is an absolute priority because we understand that the medicines we create help improve patient’s health. A part of our Quality…

Clomid & Serophene out of stock – Compounding alternative available

There has been another Prescription Medication, recently become unavailable in Australia. Clomid and Serophene (Clomifeme) has been unavailable for a number of months now but National Custom Compounding has been…

Transdermal Methimazole – For Cats

It is not often that you would associate a pharmacy with animals, let alone a pharmacy that makes up medicine. But the team at NCC (National Custom Compounding) are often given…

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Holistic Doctor – Southern Gold Coast

"Our relationship with NCC is very good, no complaints. They're flexible, the opening hours are convenient, we can send scripts to them and they get them ready very quickly for patients to pick up, mostly it's a nice service and very quick."

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