Caring, Innovative, Personally Made Medicine

Located at 166 Gooding Drive in Merrimac, central Gold Coast, is a unique, caring and innovative community pharmacy.

Gooding Drive Amcal & National Custom Compounding have been at this located for the last 8 years and seen a number of improvements in that time. Learn more..

By locating a compounding pharmacy and regular pharmacy together it provides an unparalleled level of medication options for patients. Whether its a standard PBS prescription through the Amcal+ or a custom made vitamin formulation through Compounding, patients will be able to get it in one location.

Compounding chemists have been around for many years but technology advancement in the last 10 years has enable medications such as hormones, pain products, paediatric and unavailable products, a reality. National Custom Compounding was created to enable specific team focus on their role to the patients compounding needs.

One of the central services that National Custom Compounding provides is the third party pharmacy collection network. This is a free service to patients and enables them to collect their customised medication from any participating pharmacy. Find your closest pharmacy here.

Our high skilled team which includes a number of Pharmacists are always willing to meet with experienced Holistic Practitioners and also General Practitioners interesting in learning more about the opportunities with the compounding scope. There are resources available here for Practitioners.

Our Mission Statement

Offering health-conscious Patients a personal, customised medication solution to assist in maximising well-being.

The standard approach to healthcare and medicine is to utilise mass-manufactured medication. While there have been some innovations in this area, National Custom Compounding Pharmacy has identified an opportunity in producing customised medications for patients.

Custom Compounding medication is exactly that; Producing one custom-made medication every time someone requires it. Our process is all about finding the best individual fit and tailoring a solution specifically.

Our Vision Statement

Through care and innovation we provide a safe, effective and holistic alternative to Patient’s medication needs.

By clearly articulating our company vision, the team believes that it describes an aspirational image of what we are aiming to achieve in the mid-term. It helps to act as a guide when working with Pharmacies, Clinics and Patients, to ensure we provide the most holistic and genuine level of care.

Our Core Values

The benefit of compounded medication is that it provides patients and Prescribers with a high level of customisation. Whether it is a patient that is suffering allergies to particular additives or young Children that will not toleratate taking tablets, our compounding pharmacy is equiped to find a solution.

For patients that suffer from allergies, National Custom Compounding can create a vegetable based capsules with a pharmaceutical product that contains no nasty fillers or preservatives.

The NCC team gets a great sense of fulfilment from being able to turn Children’s medication (ie tablets) into a tasty and easy to use suspension. The kids will benefit from their medicine and the parents will be confident that they are doing the best for their kids.

Contact our team on 1300 731 755 or email us, to find out more about our personalised, custom compounded medication.

Why choose National Custom Compounding?

Free collection at 95 Community Pharmacies

This enables a patient to order and collect (at no extra cost) compounded medication through their regular pharmacy.
Visit to find one near you.


Consistent, Quality medicines

In 2015, the Pharmacy Board of Australia released a number of updates to the Compounding Guidelines for Compounding in Pharmacies.
Visit for more information.


Vision, Mission, Values lead company

Our team uses these to help articulate the difference that our business is making to Patients and the Medical Community. See how we live and breathe our Values, Vision, Mission.


Established Compounding Facility

The company has been successfully operating from Merrimac, Queensland for the last 10 years.


24 Hour Promise

Your health is important and that is why we have developed a unique method to have a majority of popular compounded medicines ready inside of 24 hours.
Learn more here.


Third Party Pharmacy ProgramImage result for pharmacy icon

If you manage or own a community pharmacy and have patients that require compounded medication, we have a innovative platform that solves this challenge.
Find out more about this program here.


Unavailable Medicine Solution

In 2016 Australia was affected by a significant number of prescription medication shortages. We can often compound the same medication as the pharmaceutical manufacturers while the big pharma version is unavailable.
Here is an updated list of unavailable medicines.

Australia Wide Delivery

National Custom Compounding uses a number of freight providers to ensure Patients everywhere can receive our compounded medications.
Orders over $150 are freight free.


Certified & Accredited Supply Chain

National Custom Compounding believes in using only certified, Australian component and raw material supplies. All of the supplies meet Australian standards including TGA approval.
To learn more visit here.

Image result for stability testing image

Regular, Random Stability Testing

Our team ensures that our methods, formulas and products are accurately made by undertaking random stability testing. This is done to ensure Patients and Practitioners have faith in using our compounds.
Here are a number of examples.

Patient, Prescriber & Pharmacy feedback